School Management Software

One-stop solution for any type of educational institutes to automate the data management process.

The key features of a successful school management system are managing the admission process, student gradation, managing schedules, supporting multiple languages, transportation library management, etc.


Experience tells that the productivity and efficiency of an organization improve significantly through standardization and automation of processes. The same applies to the school management system also.

The system regularly keeps updating the teachers and parents about the performance of a particular student. The ingrained interactivity encourages students to focus on the weak areas and improve performance.

For efficiently managing and controlling all students, teachers, employees, courses, systems and processes within an education institute, there should be a central management system that can give school authorities an upper hand.

Admission Management

The most hectic and critical task for schools is to deal with admissions. Our software solution helps schools to easily save and access student information like test results, interview results, etc. 

Parent-Teacher Collaboration

The system allows teachers and parents share their views on the progress of students, school activities, teachers, feedbacks.

Admin Portal

School principals, administrators, teachers, parents and students connect on a platform to share and manage multiple school activities.

Student Information

Our School Management Software Development solutions allow educational institutions to store every single detail about their students

Online Examination and Assignments

 Prepare progress report cards, assign homework, online submission of homework, send feedbacks, generate reports and schedule timetables.

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